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dr. Erick Kuczo


Dr. Erick Kuczo (Dr. “E”) is a lifelong resident of CT. Dr. “E”  joined the clinical team at Chiropractic Center of Newtown 4 years ago. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Southern CT State University and received his Doctorate degree from University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic in 2019.

During the period between his undergraduate years and completing his Chiropractic education, Dr. “E” began to develop his knowledge of anatomy and the human body studying surgical technology. At that time, it became apparent to Dr. E that his true calling was in the field of a more holistic and conservative form of health care.

While studying to become a chiropractic physician, he was inducted into the Phi Chi Omega Honors society, He graduated Cum Laude honors, and received a second Bachelor’s degree in Applied Sciences, where he gained knowledge in the areas of Yoga, Aromatherapy, Music therapy, and Acupuncture.

Dr. E incorporates a multitude of evidence based techniques in the care of his patients. He is a certified A.R.T. provider (Active Release technique), which is the gold standard for the treatment of all soft tissue injuries. He also holds certificates in Sports Rehabilitation and Pain Management Dry Needling / Cupping therapy.

As an avid soccer player and competitive athlete for most of his life, he understands the importance of improving someone's movement and adaptability. Through chiropractic care he received throughout his life, he was able to form a knowledge base of human biomechanics, and gain an understanding about how vital it is to restore proper function to our bodies.

Dr. E’s approach to the management of pain associated with trauma/injuries is through evidenced based care.  Clearly, there is a paradigm shift where the public is realizing the detriment of opioid use and other medications that are the focus of conventional treatment for musculoskeletal injuries.

In his spare time, what Dr. E loves most is playing soccer, which he calls "meditation in motion." His other hobbies include playing guitar, chess, communing with nature and exercise.





Using massage, trigger point, electrical modalities and ultrasound with varying degrees of specificity to treat soft tissue problems.


Chiropractic is common in sports medicine and many trainers will encourage it before, during, and after any physical performance. 


The importance of exercise is in managing low back pain, strengthening, preventing and to improve quality of life.


The treatment of the spine, lower back, and neck from athletes to the everyday person.

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